Due to province wide restrictions, the following Student Study Rooms are not available:

  • Anderson Hall Study Rooms: AH117
  • LINC Study Rooms: L1061, L1063, L1070, L1072, L1074, L1076, L1078, L1080
  • Markin Study Rooms: M1062, M1064, M1068, M1070, M1072, M1073, M1074, M1075, M1076, M1077, M1078, M1080, M1082, M1084, M1086, M1088, M2029, M2033
  • Science Commons Study Rooms: SA7214, SA7216, SA7218, SA7220, SA7222, SA7226


Visit the Student FAQ webpage for available study spaces.



For assistance, please contact room.booking@uleth.ca.